Check the program, make your agenda

We have announced the conference program.

David Anderson and Brett Ansley are our keynote speakers.

You will learn from the experience with Kanban of several companies who develop products and deliver services in different domains: technology, industry, public administration and education.

We have the NoEstimates workshop where you will learn how to make more precise estimates with less effort.

Moreover, we have presentations about Upstream Kanban, systems thinking applied to periodic management meetings, and how to increase the value provided by Quality teams.

In addition, you can participate in the Round Table so that you get answers and ideas on all the questions that lead you to the event.

See all the details here and prepare your agenda.

We are pleased to invite you to the reception cocktail the day before. Do not miss it. Take the opportunity to meet the speakers and the other participants and talk to them in a nice and pleasant atmosphere.

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